AngularJS JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application Services in United States

ISHORE SOFTWARE, an acclaimed AngularJS development company in India .We are well-acquainted with different AngularJS frameworks and select the one that best fits the client’s business model. Our front end web apps are dynamic, easy to maintain, and can run on multiple platforms.

AngularJS is an open source structural framework for web application to create RICH Internet Applications. It predominates the development of dynamic and single page application and supporting MVC to develop client side applications. AngularJS allows the use of HTML in creation of templates which makes it easier for the developer to distinctly show the modules of the application.

AngularJS is an open source full featured JavaScript framework developed by Google. It was designed to build dynamic web apps in the first place. Its main goals are simplification and structuring of JavaScript code.

Why AngularJS concepts.

  • •Single page applications are created
  • •Rapid development cycles
  • •AngularJS provides unit testing
  • • Built-in dependency injection subsystem that helps the developer Directives to extend HTML attributes.
  • • Expressions to bind data to HTML.
  • • Scope to control variables.
  • • Two-way data binding.
  • • Rendering of HTML.
  • • Event-handling.
  • • Composability.
  • • Unit testing.
  • • Controllers.
  • • Services
  • • Routing.


  • • Angularjs
  • • Microsoft web api
  • • Bootstrap
  • • Microsoft SQL Server/My SQL


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Agile project development for speedy results and multiple project teams.


Verified project architectures and robust processes of development.

Cost Control

Correct estimation of projects and on time delivery & risk management.


On-time, on-budget project delivery, 24/7 support and transparency.


Best-in-class talent

We pride ourselves on our talent pool of professionals and continuously invest in their education and certification by industry leaders, including Scrum Alliance, Microsoft, ISTQB, Oracle, MongoDB, and others.

Iterative, low-risk development approach

Our Scrum methodology allows us to rapidly build complex applications, efficiently handle changing requirements, and improve the overall product quality through a rigorous QA process.

Ease-of-use and usability get top priority

Our UX experts will make sure your app is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to navigate

Rock-solid guarantees

Every contract includes guarantee clauses to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. We offer a 45-days warranty period designed to correct any possible defects after the project is finished.

Superior product quality

Leverage our QA and testing expertise to build a top-class product. We specialize in many types of testing and practices, whenever it makes sense for the project and helps deliver results faster

IPR protection

We take intellectual property rights very seriously. Upon project completion, you will be the sole owner of the codebase as well as any other project deliverables