Advantages of Using An Online Invoicing Software

E-invoicing has long promised cost savings and efficiency gains, and compelling market drivers are now set to broaden adoption, enabling more organisations to begin the transition to electronic invoicing.

The internet has played an important role in digitalizing business processes across companies and organizations of all sizes. It has introduced multiple new channels through which businesses interact with their customers. A report by Gartner reveals that 70% of all customer interactions will move towards digital, more interactive settings and would be experienced on-demand through mediums such as web, mobile and social media platforms by 2017. Today's generation understands technology more than ever and requires more personalized services delivered as quickly as possible, whenever and wherever they desire.

Nowadays, invoices, which are one of the most important documents exchanged between businesses and their consumers, should be produced to disseminate them to a broader range of devices through multiple mediums which include web and SMS. Handling invoices, Payment Transaction, product inventory, customer relations and other business transactions via the internet are a cost-effective way of accomplishing such tasks.

Benefit of E-invoicing:

The E-invoicing offers a range of operational and strategic benefits for an organization and its Clients.
  1. E-Invoicing can reduce invoice processing costs through the elimination of sorting, registering and manual data entry of invoices. Storage requirements can also be reduced through e-archiving, replacing the physical space required for invoice storage.
  2. Organisations receive all their invoices in their preferred format, from day one, without having to wait to on-board a critical mass of suppliers on the e-invoicing network.
  3. Organisations can see a reduction in full time employees and processing costs that were originally associated with document scanning and data entry from paper invoices. This cost saving also translates to faster invoice dispute resolution as a result of electronic invoice processing. Staff productivity is also increased as staff can focus on more strategic activities.
  4. E-invoicing can reduce invoice processing times, which enables organisations to capture opportunities for more early payment discounts.
  5. Relationships are enhanced by more efficient, more accurate payments to Consumers.
  6. E-invoicing enables full auditability and the use of digital signatures, security certificates and e-invoice archiving regulations and can guarantee the integrity and authenticity of transmissions, helping companies meet national and legal invoicing regulations in EU countries.
What is Invoicing Software?

Online Invoicing is an IT-based service that provides businesses with a simplified and strategic way of generating and receiving invoices, tracking payments, monitoring sales and more. Invoicing Software aligns your entire billing workflow in one unified platform, helps you to track time & expenses, create customized invoices, and get paid online faster. It enables you to manage your receivables; save time by automating recurring invoices, payment reminders; collaborate with your clients and colleagues. Invoicing Software offers cost and time savings by eliminating postage & printing costs and implementing unified processes for all tasks pertinent to invoicing.

Features of Invoicing Software:
  • Customizable Invoicing Templates
  • Estimate Approval Through Client Portal
  • Estimate History
  • Convert Estimates To Invoices
  • Email Integration
  • Connect With Bank
  • Payment Gateway
  • Send Payment Reminders
  • Collect Advance Payments
  • Banking Reconciliation
  • Recurring Invoicing Automation
  • Recurring Payment Automation
  • Client Database
  • Interaction History
  • Connect With Bank
  • Document Management
  • Reports
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