How We Work

Depending on the nature of your needs, we recommend the most appropriate engagement models, from a variety of approaches we are experienced with, including dedicated teams, non-dedicated teams, time and materials, fixed price.

Focus on important technology or industry solutions

Is it better to focus on technologies or market solutions? For us, technology takes precedence. We've made the decision to concentrate on technology for all type of applications and website design. 

Time and technology

Our scalable and agile time and material model allows customers to change project specifications in response to changing business conditions, and it is well suited to large projects with a strong focus on specification and design.

Dedicated group

With the assistance of our committed expert staff, new equipment, and resources, we introduce customer-specific quality frameworks at the client's end through a tailored resource interaction model.

Testing and quality assurance by team

Testing and prototypes may be used in the development phase if a tech company uses the agile approach. Many firms ignore this approach and do research at the end.
In this case, after the tech company has finished developing it, they will validate it to ensure that it works well and that consumers get the desired outcome.


This model entails recruiting experts with specific expertise and experience to supplement the current in-house staff when external resources are required.


Finding the best communication channels with our customers is our top priority.
A well-organized interaction is the base of iShore Software Solutions, We are ready to use the following channels:

Skype / Phone
Hangouts / WhatsApp
Project Management