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iShore Software solutions drive value and sustainability by applying technology and expertise to address industry challenges, continuously improve industrial operations, automate business processes, and enhance competitiveness. We work with all sizes of companies in multiple industries to drive profitability and maximize return on capital.


Real Estate Industry Software Solutions

iShore Software Solutions are providing intuitive, highly interactive and bespoke Real Estate IT Solutions and help our clients to achieve competitive advantages by increasing operational efficiency to generate leads and improve ROI. Our expertise in project management coupled with in-depth knowledge of the domain enables us to assist real estate and construction companies across all stages of the value chain- starting with pre-construction preparation to post-construction sales.

Staffing And Recruiting Industry Software Solutions

We understand how crucial it is to find the right candidate with the right skill sets who can contribute in the success of your business. IT Solutions by iShore Software Solutions for Staffing and Recruitment Companies has been tailored for each specific Industry. The terms 'Staffing Solutions' and "Recruiting Solutions" cover a wide range of services that include but are not limited to activities such as searching, screening, recruiting and allocating people into positions based on specific requirements identified by your clients.

Logistics Industry Software Solutions

iShore Software Solutions offers bespoke software Solutions to achieve all the requirements of the Logistics industry including but not limited to consignment and vehicle tracking app development, cargo management systems, fleet management solutions and pick-up and delivery software development. With our customized solutions, you can better manage relationships with stakeholders, achieve cost and time efficiency, optimize service delivery and increase the revenue of investment.

Travel And Tourism Industry Software Solutions

In this Internet-driven world, a strong digital presence is very crucial to serve consumers, competing others, and dominate the exponentially booming travel market. To assist you to promote your business iShore Software Solutions offer a wide range of services which help guide all phases of the travel and tourism from Online booking to CRM applications for tour operators, travel agents and travel solutions integrated with Central Reservation Systems. At Inshore Software Solutions, we have the capacity and the capabilities to build tailored tourism and travel management software for the web, Android, iPhone, and cross-platform providing end to end business solutions to our clients.

Financial Services Industry Software Solutions

The banking, finance, and insurance industries are in a state of rapid and significant change due to which consumers expect a seamless personalized experience across multiple platforms. iShore Software Solutions delivers requisite financial IT solutions and services that assist businesses to optimize their financial operations and speed up innovation. Our developers have the acquired technical and domain expertise to build the software solutions you need to grow your business and help you gain a competitive edge and improve customer satisfaction.

Healthcare Industry Software Solutions

iShore Software Solutions has rich experience in developing customized, robust, and secure software solutions for physicians, healthcare ISVs, hospitals, and provider networks. To increase greater efficiency, safety, and quality across the entire continuum of care in your hospital, we offer tailored software solutions keeping in consideration accountability, affordability, regulatory reforms, and structural changes in the Health Industry. We focus on the technology trends reshaping the healthcare industries comprising of digital transformation, mobility, big data and data analytics, data security, and predictive analysis and reporting.