In the 1980s, the technological revolution made IT an integral part of many core business activities of the Construction Industry. Current information technology contributes to all the management functions of planning, organization of activities and meets the needs of businesses to create value for companies and their customers. Information communication technology provides innovative construction companies with new opportunities to improve the process of collaboration, communication, information, and Management.

Construction Software Solutions

iShore Software Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of fully integrated industry solutions for the construction industry which supports all construction and subcontracting business processes and integrates these processes into the commercial, sales, and strategic business workflow.

Construction ERP

With our easy-to-use and customizable Real Estate ERP you can automate and simplify your entire business operations and saves time & money while transforming the business workflow. Our ERP Software includes the following modules:
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Customer Relationship Management

  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Email Integration
  • Automation
  • Collaboration Management

Human Resource Management System

  • Recruitment Management
  • Employee Management
  • Absence Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Performance Review

Inventory management System

  • Centralized Data System
  • Reorder Point
  • Asset Tracking
  • Automation
  • Analytics

Accounting Software

Financial software is an affordable, flexible and secure package that provides a broad range of functionality. Features of financial accounting software differ from system to system. Our Financial software includes the following features:-
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Accounts receivable

Accounting Receivable system manages Invoice processing, Payment processingand keeps track of what customers owe (accounts receivable), how much, and when to expect payment. The Software maintains a database of essential customer information such as basic customer data such as names, addresses, account numbers, and other standard terms.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable software assist you to keep track of what you owe and handles the outflow side of your funds. Purchase orders to handle company purchases. The Software keeps track of Purchase orders to handle company purchases, and Vendor Credit memos to track and control the vendor credits.

Payroll Management System

Payroll Software handles all the aspects of payroll from calculating hours and processing wages to paying payroll-related taxes. The payroll system employee database, time and attendance tracking software linked together helps you accurately calculate employee salaries and other benefits without any chances of error.


The system generates customary reports used in business, including the income statement (profit and loss), the balance sheet (assets and liabilities), statement of cash flows, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll summary in graphs and pie charts.

Project Management Software

To smoothly and effectively create new projects; schedule tasks; assign tasks to manager and employees; track progress; due date reminders and notifications by email and SMS; generate reports; we provide user-friendly Project Management Software with the following features.
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Task Management

Task Manager enables the project manager to create tasks, allocate tasks to the team members registered in the application, and set priorities. The project manager can create a schedule for different tasks, and each time scheduled completion date approaches and the activity is still incomplete, this tool sends a notification to the project manager.

Resource Management

The Resource management tool maintains a centralized directory of all your resources along with all possible information such as skills, qualifications, certificates, Work Hours, Free Hours etc. This feature helps the project manager in outlining the schedules, allocation of resources, and calculating the cost of the project.

Time Tracking

Time tracking software tracks the amount of time each project contributor spends on their assigned tasks and helps in automating their invoicing process. The time tracking module maps productivity and builds an archive of valuable data that can help businesses forecast completion dates for similar tasks or projects in the future.

Project budgeting

Project Budgeting Software also provides flexible billing options combined with the powerful time tracking module. You can choose to charge your clients based on the hourly rate, Project rate, Customer rate, Task rate (hourly or fixed cost), and Project Fixed cost.

Enterprise Integration

Depending on our client’s needs, iShore distinguishes between several types of integration techniques that ensure the maximum return on investments and reduced cost of ownership of the whole information infrastructure in an organization. Some of our key Integration services to the Tourism Industry include:
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Payment Integration

The payment module is integrated with the payment gateway that suits you to provide secure transactions all over the world. For transactions occurring at regular intervals, you can save customers' card details and charge them automatically with customized Invoices.

Marketing automation

Our software platforms are designed to help marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

Social Media Integration

Our Complete Industry software solution includes Application integration with Email, social media platforms, and other third-party platforms. We create single customer view systems with task tracking, comprehensive reports, and many other useful features.

Document Management Software

A document management system (DMS) is used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. iShore Software Solutions develops an extensive DMS that is capable of keeping a record of the multiple versions of a document created and modified by different users. Document management software robust functionality helps companies with managing documents, version control, process workflows, records, and folders from a centralized location.
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Document Management

With the DMS, you can upload multiple files/folders at once in a single vault for easy retrieval, storage, and sharing for future use. Users can store documents with custom identifiers and metadata for quick, easy retrieval later on given its file key.


Administrators can create and manage users and groups and authorized role-based access to the documents. Admin accounts will have access to all user profiles, recycle bin - to restore or permanently delete objects.

Team Collaboration

Document Management Software allows you to create a team space and add members to it so that you can chat internally among your team members, post your questions & ideas in discussion forums, create tasks, and send emails to team members.

OCR Capture

Optical character recognition (OCR) software is used to convert digital images into machine readable text. OCR Capture Tools allows you to capture a paper document, convert it into an electronic document. It also has an image editing tool with abilities to zoom, rotate, crop, and resize.


We have highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using latest software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies and we invest continuously in training and education, to be able to respond to any new technology challenges and demands from our clients.


Industry software solution helps the Project management team to utilize every resource optimally to bring out the best in them.


Industry Solution increases efficiency by helping businesses navigate complex processes, and improving Upstream & Downstream functions.

Cost Reduction

Industry software reduces administrative and operations costs by allowing businesses to proactively manage operations, prevent disruptions.

Increase ROI

Industry Solutions are tailored to suit your working style, it enhances employee productivity, business' efficiency and in turn, increases ROI.


Get a first peek into the business world through the lens of iShore Software Solutions. Our blog provides you technology perspective on business development strategies and how technology is helping the real estate business gain momentum.
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