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Every business needs someone to manage hiring, RAPID CV SOURCING can help you recruit the right individual for any job, by searching through online & in-house CV databases and ATS systems to filter out the most relevant candidates for the job, making the selection process easier for you.

Our CV Sourcing experts are experienced Recruiters and are capable of selecting a right fit as per the job specification and the very right active candidate that will meet your job requirements on your recruting parameters such as; skills, industry, nationality, current location, age, target companies, level of experience, etc..

Our team used customized scripts according to the requirements and then we develop specific screening questionnaires in order to evaluate the best prospects for your company.

There is a following list below :

  • Develop questionnaires for screening
  • Administer any test if it is required in the recruitment process
  • Make contact with the candidate by e-mail, Skype or telephone to determine the appropriateness of the said candidate
  • Once everything is said and done, we forward you only the CVs of the shortlisted candidates
  • Searching for candidates
  • Screening CV's
  • CV formatting
  • Data entry
  • Add response handling
  • Email marketing
  • The CV formatting services is a perfect help for the hr departments of the companies who are aided with a consistent and streamlined support of resumes.
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    Best-in-class talent

    We pride ourselves on our talent pool of professionals and continuously invest in their education and certification by industry leaders, including Scrum Alliance, Microsoft, ISTQB, Oracle, MongoDB, and others.

    Iterative, low-risk development approach

    Our Scrum methodology allows us to rapidly build complex applications, efficiently handle changing requirements, and improve the overall product quality through a rigorous QA process.

    Ease-of-use and usability get top priority

    Our UX experts will make sure your app is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to navigate

    Rock-solid guarantees

    Every contract includes guarantee clauses to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. We offer a 45-days warranty period designed to correct any possible defects after the project is finished.

    Superior product quality

    Leverage our QA and testing expertise to build a top-class product. We specialize in many types of testing and practices, whenever it makes sense for the project and helps deliver results faster

    IPR protection

    We take intellectual property rights very seriously. Upon project completion, you will be the sole owner of the codebase as well as any other project deliverables