Real Estate Support Services

iShore has provided Real Estate Support Services to clients involved in real estate transactions from the most basic to the most complex. With a wealth of knowledge and experience across the real estate industry, we assist Realtors, developers, real estate brokers, property managers and corporations.

Real Estate Support Services Provider

iShore, with more than a decade’s expertise in the Real Estate industry, has developed domain-centric bespoke technology solutions and services. Our service are aimed towards enhancing the processes for our clients, in order to provide a competitive advantage for their organization.

iShore also offers exceptional software solutions for streamlining the residential, commercial, valuation, and other related services of the real estate and construction companies. Our responsive mobile apps and portals help real estate professionals to generate leads and enhance ROI.

Real Estate Support services we offer

At iShore, we offer a wide range of real estate services. We provide comprehensive real estate support services. Our dedicated team of experts provide Real Estate Support solutions fast, on-time and accurately that allow our clients to grow their business for the future, at their pace.

Our services help our clients to increase productivity and efficiency and provide their customers with great service and hassle-free customer experience.

You can benefit from the following services offered by us-

Real Estate Technology Solutions

To maintain competitive advantage by engaging customers, facilitating compliance and extracting business insights from your data, you need an IT partner with experience in technology as well as insurance. iShore offers powerful, fully-integrated insurance software solutions designed to help you at all stages of the insurance business process.

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We hire the best people to ensure work effectiveness and business growth. With a list of below benefits, you know what you have when you hire us.

Time-zone advantage

Focus on core services

Pay only for what you need

Improved management

Saves and makes money

Extensive knowledge base

Easily accessible staff

Customization of services

How Our Offshore Team Benefit Your Business

If you’re a business owner looking for opportunities to advance your company’s growth, relocating some of your operations overseas is one strategy that you can look into. Offshoring is proven to have numerous benefits that allow companies to continue growing and remain profitable. Here are some of them.

Business growth

  • With the help of your offshore team, you are more capable of working on your deliverables with increased efficiency. This is an opportunity to scale your operations and expand your business services and offerings.

Reduced costs

  • Lower operation cost is perhaps the most enticing advantage of offshore staff. Hiring offshore team can significantly reduce costs in infrastructure, equipment, utilities, and employee salaries, among others.


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