Recruitment Outsourcing Services Provider

Our team is fully trained in all aspects of the recruitment process and are ready to step in at short notice to take on the tasks that your staff just don’t have time for. We can assist with all frontend and backend recruitment activities.

We can provide an exceptionally high level of skills, knowledge and experience to compliment your own team of professionals, whenever you need us. Our business is all about providing cost-effective solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

Recruitment Outsourcing Services We Offer

By choosing to outsource your recruitment to iShore, we will become an extension of your in-house team, working under your brand to manage all (or part of) your recruitment process, from candidate engagement and sourcing to pipelining and onboarding.

We are well known for providing Talent Acquisition and RPO Services to hundreds of our global clients. iShore doesn’t just make your hiring process cost-effective, we make it efficient and well-organised.

We offer the below-mentioned Recruitment Support Services:

Offshore Research Specialist

Offshore Dedicated Recruiter

24/7 Resume Sourcing

Resume Formatting

On Demand Recruitment Services

Bench Marketing Services

iShore Helps Small Businesses With Recruitment Services:

  • Sourcing CVs from job boards, social networks and internal database
  • Posting ads on Jobsites that you subscribe to as well as posting jobs on Craigs List, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups and other free sites
  • Reviewing the applications and evaluating the candidates suitability to the positions
  • Pre-screening and gathering further information by interacting with potential candidates via email
  • Administering online aptitude tests, psychometric tests and technical tests as applicable
  • Logging CVs into database
  • Formatting CVs to meet in-house / prescribed format
  • etc

Why Us

We hire the best people to ensure work effectiveness and business growth. With a list of below benefits, you know what you have when you hire us.

Time-zone advantage

Focus on core services

Pay only for what you need

Improved management

Saves and makes money

Extensive knowledge base

Easily accessible staff

Customization of services

How Our Offshore Team Benefit Your Business

If you’re a business owner looking for opportunities to advance your company’s growth, relocating some of your operations overseas is one strategy that you can look into. Offshoring is proven to have numerous benefits that allow companies to continue growing and remain profitable. Here are some of them.

Business growth

  • With the help of your offshore team, you are more capable of working on your deliverables with increased efficiency. This is an opportunity to scale your operations and expand your business services and offerings.

Reduced costs

  • Lower operation cost is perhaps the most enticing advantage of offshore staff. Hiring offshore team can significantly reduce costs in infrastructure, equipment, utilities, and employee salaries, among others.


The process to connect with us is easy; all you need to do is access your needs, identify the tasks which you wish to delegate, and get started with us.

  • Conduct an inquiry
  • Take it ahead with manager
  • Meet the team
  • Undergo learning & training process or any special instructions
  • Get started

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