Resume Formatting Services

Resume Formatting Services

With increasing opportunities to work in different industries of different sectors, numbers of candidates applying for those vacancies are also increasing, iShore Software Solutions is one of the leading companies in India, engaged in providing effective Resume Processing Services from more than a decade. Providing reasonable and cost effective services with time bound submissions to our clients remains our only goal with each and every project we deliver. The team here at company takes into consideration every aspect to design the resume of the client in as meticulous manner as possible

General CV Formatting:

  • Formatting of resumes in client's template and/ or with company logo
  • Document Realignment
  • Margin Setting/Corrections
  • Specific Fonts for specific areas
  • Highlighting/ Underling/ Bulleting specific details as per your standard format

Core CV Formatting:

  • All features of General Formatting
  • Conversion of present experience in present tense and all past experience is past tense
  • Making the CV readable as written by third party

We are a resume processing service provider that focuses on how the resume content can be organized while still ensuring that current technological approaches are devised right from the conceptualization of the idea up to delivery of the formatted idea that leaves a long-lasting impression on the resume.

Resume Processing and Formatting Services, We Provide:

  • Formatting Font Styles and Sizes
  • Candidate information collection and data entry
  • Processing of resume data and analysis
  • Highlighting specific information
  • Laying emphasis on Specific Information
  • Placement of information under most fitting headers
  • Consistent quality
  • Timely service delivery & cost effectiveness.
rpo services
rpo services


Gives scheduling flexibility

Businesses are running leaner than ever, in many cases relying on part-time, temporary and project-based work. Turning to LinkedIn every time you need a new freelancer or part-timer is woefully inefficient, but our staffing agency that knows your business can gives scheduling flexibility with Time and Resources of reliable contractors.

Builds Flexible Professional Staffing Network

When you have specific recruiting needs, using a professional staffing agency makes sense and builds flexible professional staffing professional network because you pay for what you need when you need it versus paying a full-time staff for seasonal or occasional recruiting. We have been building solutions - helping our customers and their end-users to further build on their opportunities.

Diverse Workforce

Our recruitment specialists are certified for behavioral interviewing. We have a large database of skill tests for a wide range of skills and capabilities. You can also add your own skill tests to our system if you want to do some additional screening

Keeps Your Resume Alive

Employers are able to adjust their workforce to evolving business demands. Companies depend on staffing services to provide them with talented workers who can meet a wide range of needs. Often, these workers become essential, permanent employees

Save Time & Resources

Staff Agencies take the bulk of the hiring work off you and your team. With programs like “Save Time & Resources”; you can focus on your tasks, and responsibilities as a manager and let the interviewing and hiring be conducted by a Staffing Agency.

Sourcing Passive Candidates

Staffing with a staffing company can save you time and money. When you expand your staff with iShore Software Solutions, we become your partner in hiring and managing workers. We handle the time consuming recruitment and vetting processes and send you the best candidates to meet your needs.