document management system



) is used to track, manage, store documents and promotes collaboration in an organization. iShore Software Solutions develops an extensive


that is capable of keeping a record of the multiple versions of a document created and modified by different users.

Document management software

robust functionality helps companies with managing documents, version control, process workflows, records, and folders from a centralized location.

Features of Document Management Software

Our comprehensive

Document management solution

includes powerful and secure document management

record management


workflow management


team collaboration

, features and more.

Document Management

With the DMS, you can upload multiple files/folders at once in a single vault for easy retrieval, storage, and sharing for future use. Users can store documents with custom identifiers and


for quick, easy retrieval later on given its file key.
Alert module provides event notifications/automatic emails to keep you informed about events being performed on a document

Bulk Upload

Document Searching

Document profiling

Document History



Administrators can create and manage users and groups and authorized role-based access to the documents. Admin accounts will have access to all user profiles, recycle bin - to restore or permanently delete objects.
Administration can also control access to documents by simply sharing and restricting a document from another user and he can also transfer ownership by assigning the document to another user.

Create Users/groups

Role based access

Access to user profile

Control over documents


Team Collaboration

Document Management Software allows you to create a team space and add members to it so that you can chat internally among your team members, post your questions & ideas in discussion forums, create tasks, and send emails to team members.
You can also create and manage events or book meetings. You can create events for today or the coming weeks, months, or years.

Team Space





OCR Capture

Optical character recognition (OCR) software is used to convert digital images into machine readable text.
OCR Capture Tools allows you to capture a paper document, convert it into an electronic document. It also has an image editing tool with abilities to zoom, rotate, crop, and resize.

OCR document capture

Image Editor

Our Document Management Software Development Services

Custom DMS Development

At iShore Software Solutions, we design, develop and help you implement a comprehensive custom DMS system with unique features to provide efficient mechanisms of document storage.

DMS System Integration

iShore Software solutions provides Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Services facilitating seamless communications between business platforms.

DMS Upgradation

We at iShore Software Solutions offer software upgradation services that allow you to upgrade your existing software platform by adding modules according to your business needs and extend its functionality by streamlining business processes and automating workflows.

DMS Customization

iShore Software Solutions provides total solutions with the customization of the Third Party DMS by altering the software system to meet the specific operational structure of the clients business and to deliver smoother functionality and matches the workflow patterns.