Fleet management software helps with the management of commercial motor vehicles, specialist vehicles, and Private vehicles used for work purposes. Fleet Management allows companies that rely on transportation in business to minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, and improve efficiency, productivity while reducing their overall transportation & staff costs, and many more.

Features of Fleet Management Software

iShore Software Solutions designs and develops custom Fleet management software to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your fleet assets, empowering you to manage your equipment, employees and resources in real time through a robust set of fleet maintenance feature:

Vehicle Management

Vehicle management software manages processes, tasks, and events related to all kinds of vehicles including Vehicle inventory - the number and type of vehicles; Vehicle maintenance - specific routine maintenance and scheduled maintenance, and ad hoc requirements; Vehicle insurance including due dates and restrictions; Cost management and analysis; Vehicle disposal.
Vehicle Inventory
Vehicle maintenance
Cost management
Vehicle disposal

Vehicle Tracking System

By integrating third-party apps like Google Maps, apple maps, etc., our vehicle routing solutions allow fleet owners to get instant and reliable information about drivers, their routes, and the current state of vehicles in real-time; manage, monitor and to reduce your risks and decrease costs; optimize resources. Our routing solutions also provide route optimization tools to plan the best routes for travel and deliveries and helps you improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction. Logbooks tool of the routing solution also provides detailed route history for each vehicle in your fleet, allowing you to measure where your vehicles have been running.
Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking
Route optimization
Route History
Driver Logbooks

Driver Management

Driver management software helps your drivers be safe, productive and efficient every day by using our routing solutions. Driver management software allows you to allocate your drivers vehicles & equipment and keep a check on which drivers are using which vehicles and other equipment and why. You can also organize all parking, toll, and other driver-related fines for total visibility of costs and profile drivers based on accidents and driving offenses to analyse training requirements and reduce risk.
Auto Driver Assigning
Logging of penalty points
Accidents & fines
Parking, Toll

Document management systems

A document management system is used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. iShore Software Solutions develops an extensive DMS that is capable of keeping a record of the multiple versions of a document created and modified by different users. Document management software robust functionality helps companies with managing documents, version control, process workflows, records, and folders from a centralized location.
Bulk Upload
Document Searching
Document Profiling
Document History

KPI Reports Dashboard

Key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard can help you better predict when a vehicle needs maintenance, demonstrates how efficiently your fleet is operating and helps you meet your business objectives. Costs associated with maintenance and fuel consumption trends are displayed in column charts, comparing Year over Year data every month. You can even track your Fleet Driver's performance and find the best person for the job.
Monitor driver behaviour


We customize the fleet management system to provide automated alerts for a variety of activities including route deviation, geo fencing. You can set activities and activate automated SMS or email alerts.

Industries We Serve

We drive results through a combination of deep understanding of the industry, customer insights, and our software development expertise. With our skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using the latest software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks, and technologies.
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