Inventory management System is a software system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, deliveries, and to create a work order, bill of materials and other production-related documents. Companies use inventory management software to avoid product overstock, outages and to organize inventory data that before was generally stored in hard-copy form or spreadsheets. The definition of inventory management software brings together all tools that help prevent products from decaying/decomposing, thefts, eliminate costly mistakes, and most importantly – keep all customers satisfied.

Features of Inventory management Software

Inventory management software is made up of several key components working together to create a cohesive inventory. These features include:

Central Database

The warehouse management system of our application provides you the complete data of your inventory, from in-house stock items to shipped goods and their price - marketing price, selling price, factor cost, etc. It enables you to plan, organize, and manage the utilization of the available resources and create alternatives for every item based on their attributes. With this Module, you can also categorize products between different groups and channels, and make them easily searchable by type, name, price, date, supplier, popularity, and many other filters.
Central Database

Reorder Point & Automation

When inventory reaches a specific threshold, a company's When inventory management system can be programmed to notify managers about a list of products along with their quantities that are required for the stock and assist you in reordering that product. This helps companies avoid running out of products - shortage of stocks or tying up too much capital in inventory - the issue of overstocking. When the stock is about to reach its re-order points, Pre-determined automatic purchase orders are generated so that you remain on the top of your inventory all the time.
Reorder Point Alert
Auto Purchase Order

Asset tracking

Asset Tracking enables you to track products when they are in a warehouse or store via its barcode and/or other tracking criteria, such as serial number, lot number, or revision number. Barcode Scanning allows you to track the products via their barcodes by exchanging electronic data through smartphones, eliminating the need to buy expensive scanning hardware. A barcode reader also assists you in Product Identification by reading barcodes and look up information on the products they represent.
Computer generated Barcode Scanner
Product Identification

Order Management

Order management software assists you in managing your sales and purchases from the same system, track orders and control stock levels, and even bill and invoice your clients. Online transactions & Central database-inventory data are synced together to give updated information on your inventory. We at iShore software Solutions can also integrate Order Management Software / Inventory management Software with Accounting Software to organize and manage records all the financial activity within a business organization.
Order Management
Payment Gateway
Invoicing Software
Accounting Software

Delivery Management

Logistics features such as transport analytics and GPS Vehicle Trackers bring an augmented level of transparency to the movement of goods and materials. The warehouse managers can easily track each step of the vehicle from taking the product out from the warehouse to the destined delivery location and let the customer know the time of arrival.
Automatic driver assignment
GPS Vehicle Trackers
Proof of delivery
Driver’s app

Reporting Tools

Accurate, up-to-date and relevant inventory management reports will allow you to discover trends, identify weaknesses and strengths, fill gaps and inefficiencies, manage your inventory stock as accurately and optimally as possible, and help you grow your business. Our Inventory Management System generates Item fill rate report - the percentage of products from a customer’s order your business shipped, Inventory turnover – the number of times inventory stock is replaced in a given period, Inventory forecasting report -Projecting sales for the future and matching inventory stock levels, Specific identification – tracking the specific cost of individual items of inventory stock.
Inventory turnover
KPI Reports
Sales Reports
Specific identification

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