MLS software

helps real estate professionals to display property listings in customizable areas and enhances the search capabilities and visibility of listings through advanced sorting functions as well as convenient and clear summaries of the property on a publicly accessible database.

Multiple listing services

integrate with real estate

CRM software

to provide lead information to real estate brokers using the service to promote their listings.

Features of MLS Software

MLS Software

is an affordable, flexible and secure package that provides a broad range of functionality. We provide

MLS Software

with the following features.

MLS Listing


MLS system

allows you to search, sort, select, preview, print, and email the listing data by accessing the

MLS listing

from any Internet connection. The Search Listings module is customizable and is packed with lots of time-saving and useful features such as the ability to search listings by practically any criteria, advanced searches - "Find/Exclude" and "And/Or", customizable search results so you can view & print the fields you seek, google maps & aerial views of each

MLS listing

, and view a quick


comparison of any listings. You can also view listing histories and record private notes about any listing.

Customizable Search

Advance Search


View & Print

MLS Listing


MLS Listings

This module allows you to quickly and easily manage your

MLS listing

and submit new listings and make changes. To control the data quality on the new listings, the administration can set criteria and the required mandatory fields will show up with red text on the new listing form. This module also enables you to save listing data as the un-submitted listing for a scheduled time. With this module, you can make unlimited changes to photos, docs, links, listing status, or any other listing data. You can also save personal private or public notes about any listing or report an error on another agent's listing.

MLS Listing

Schedule Listing Entry

Unlimited Photos

Record Notes

MLS Membership


MLS Membership

Search module allows you to search

MLS realtor

by type, name, office affiliation, or pre-saved group and communicate with them by email or messages. It can be used for notifications of office events,

MLS membership

administration by the board, or to send a quick email or text message to another agent.

Search Members



Manage Users & Teams

Using this module, the Administration can add or terminate an office from the


, principal brokers can add a new agent or terminate an agent from an office, and brokers and agents can create "teams" to allow specific agents to view and/or edit each other's listings and/or contacts.

Add or Terminate Office

Add or Terminate Agent

Create Teams

Client Portal

The clients will each have a login account that takes them to a page with the agent's information where the client can view - Map View and Summary View, listings that have been added by the agent manually from

MLS Search

; prioritize, filter, and view listings by interest level; make notes for specific listings; communicate with the agent; receive progress reports and updates from the agent.


Agent’s Website

Search & View Listing


Form &

Contracts Management

This module is used to store all standard, state, and administration approved forms and contracts for use by the


participants including the new listing and listing change forms. Each form edited on the screen while viewing it, printed or sent by email with ease. You can also add your own forms, contracts, and documents.

Template Contract

MLS Listing


View, Edit, Print Form/Contract

Send Form/Contract


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