Online Booking Software is designed to facilitate flawless, reliable, and all-time accessible reservations and bookings for customers as well as staff and agents. The foremost advantage of using a booking and reservation software is the accuracy and convenience for customers when availing of your booking services online. Customers are also offered with updated booking information, a secure payment mechanism, and a multitude of other features to automate and expedite booking tasks and processes.

Features of Online Booking Software

Being a revenue generator for your business, Online Booking Software must-have features and functions to capably provide flawless, reliable, and accessible reservation and booking. Here are the several essential features of online booking software:

Reservation System for Staff

Online Booking Software enables you to manage group and single booking, group discounts, corporate room packages, and amenities upgrade all by one dashboard. It automatically enables room occupancy as available when a cancellation is done and equipping you with updated information during each guest’s conversation for a hassle-free reservation and support system. Online Booking Software prevents duplicate bookings and ensures that a booked room doesn’t show up on either on the hotel page or a partner’s website.
Individual/ Group Booking
Confirmation Message

Reservation System for Customers

Online Booking Software provides customers the ability to conveniently and quickly book your services and choose multiple preferences from anywhere in the world eliminating the navigation to a different site to make the reservation. Online Booking Software also offers a comprehensive reservation and cancellation confirmation to both the Administrator and customer, which leaves the guests and administrator in no doubt as to the details of their booking.
Intuitive UI
Individual/ Group Booking
Confirmation Message

Central Database

Customer Contact Module provides you a central database of all your guest information and lets you profile your guests based on different parameters such as individuals, corporate entities to helps you identify your high-value customers. You can also add guest preferences seamlessly through multiple properties so your guest can have a uniform experience throughout.
Central Database
Search Sort guest
Guest Preferences


Our Integration services enable you to integrate Booking Software with Payment Software, Accounting Software, your corporate software, social media pages, and others.
Payment Software
Accounting Software
System Integration
Email Integration


This feature keeps track and informs you of booking commitments, schedules and changes. The calendar is easy to share and customize so that customers can only see relevant booking info.


Online Booking Software is easy to use for any kind of user. It has intuitive navigation that leads the user to the next step after for example filling a form, selecting a service, or picking a schedule, and completing payment.

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