The Delivery Management System is designed to coordinate the entire booking process, preventing any un-booked deliveries delaying major critical deliveries, provide a visual schedule for all operatives, and turn challenges into a competitive advantage. The software enables real-time scheduling, easy delivery dispatch, and instantaneous delivery management through route optimization .

Features of Delivery Management Software

Our comprehensive delivery management solution includes a powerful delivery dispatch management panel, intuitive iOS/Android apps or panel for drivers and order tracking tools for customers.

Automated Dispatching

Our algorithm can automatically assign a driver based on Distance, Availability, Direction, Best Performing Driver, Current Load Capacity, and other parameters. The Module setting allows you to notify all the drivers at once, manually notify one or more drivers, and with smart notifications feature your notification will go to the drivers who are nearby, available, best performing or any other criteria of your choice.
Automatic Driver assign
Manual Driver Assigning
Customizable criteria

Route Optimization

Route optimization module automatically optimizes your driver daily routes to save your business time, fuel and vehicle costs, and all while maximizing the daily drop count per driver per day. Module setting allows sending the fitting route automatically or manually to the specified driver.
Vehicle Tracking
Route Optimization
Sent Routes to Driver

Tracking System

Our tracking system enables you to track delivery packages and vehicles in real time. You can also permit individual consumers to track the package. By offering live tracking of the parcel and sending real-time status alert updates to the recipient, you will instantly build deeper trust and satisfaction with your customers.
Vehicle Tracking
Shipments Tracking
Permission to Users to Track

Drivers App

Every driver in your fleet will be able to log into the driver panel of the software on iOS or/and Android and manage their tasks. They can see their assigned task, their navigation route, and their customer feedback & rating. Communication modules also enable them to communicate with each other, with their customers and with their managers.
App/Driver Panel
Receive Route, Feedback
Proof of Delivery

Proof Of Delivery

The driver app allows him to digitally capture a photo, scan a parcel barcode, provide a field for delivery notes, and have a complete delivery form checklist to prove that the item has been delivered.
Capture Photos
Scan Barcode
Custom fields

Industries We Serve

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