Project management software is a software that helps project managers and teams collaborate and meet multiple goals on time while managing resources and cost; and mitigate risk by identifying the failing aspects of a project using time tracking software that forecasts completion dates for each phase of the project. Functions of Project Management Software includes task distribution, time tracking, resource planning, team collaboration, and many more. Project management software is also known as Task Management Software or Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

Features of Project management software

To smoothly and effectively create new projects; schedule tasks; assign tasks to manager and employees; track progress; due date reminders and notifications by email and SMS; generate reports; we provide user-friendly Project Management Software with the following features.

Task Management

Task Manager enables the project manager to create tasks, allocate tasks to the team members registered in the application, and set priorities. The project manager can create a schedule for different tasks, and each time scheduled completion date approaches and the activity is still incomplete, this tool sends a notification to the project manager.
Team members can also regularly update the status of the task and in-addition a SMS/mail/in-app notification is sent to team members.

Create Task

Assign Task

Create Schedule



Resource Management

The Resource management tool maintains a centralized directory of all your resources along with all possible information such as skills, qualifications, certificates, Work Hours, Free Hours etc. This feature helps the project manager in outlining the schedules, allocation of resources, and calculating the cost of the project.
This feature enables the Project Manager to see the availability of resources that helps him to avoid over-assignments and possible conflicts for lacking resources.

Resources Database

Logical Searches/Sort

Assign Resources

Gantt chart - Report on Availability


Time Tracking

Time tracking software tracks the amount of time each project contributor spends on their assigned tasks and helps in automating their invoicing process . The time tracking module maps productivity and builds an archive of valuable data that can help businesses forecast completion dates for similar tasks or projects in the future.
To be precise in billing, to keep track of the pace of the project, and to identify bottlenecks and resolve them quickly the time spent by a member is also logged in his profile.

Working Hours - Gantt chart

Free Hours




Project Budgeting

This feature enables the management team to keep track of expenses providing quick and precise weekly & monthly reporting on your project expenditures.
Project Budgeting Software also provides flexible billing options combined with the powerful time tracking module. You can choose to charge your clients based on the hourly rate, Project rate, Customer rate, Task rate (hourly or fixed cost), and Project Fixed cost.

Project expenditure Reports

Budget Reports

Billing Software



Collaboration Management

Collaboration Management software enables users to create individual workspace then have workflows and data added to it. The primary user who created the workspace can allow others to access, view and make changes, and whatever modifications are made on data and files are will be synced across all users.
Some other features of this software include interaction with each other and client in a private environment, scheduling, and collaborative booking of data for organizing, share, and search.


Data Sharing





A document management system (DMS) is used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. It keeps a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking).
Some of the basic features of our Document management systems are Metadata, integration, capture, data visualization, indexing, storage & security, collaboration tools.


History Tracking



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