A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of Vehicles location, speed, heading and sometimes a trigger event such as key on/off, door open/closed, route deviation. Our cloud-based gps vehicle tracking software provides you with an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard, which helps you retrieve valuable insights & crucial information driven directly through your vehicles.

Feature of GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System is an affordable, flexible and secure package that provides a broad range of functionality. Our Vehicle Tracking System includes the following features :-

Real-Time Tracking

The Vehicle Tracking system enables you to track your vehicle location a digital map along with vehicle speed if the vehicle is moving to allow you to make better decisions and deliver more value to your customers.


Alerts Module enables you to set over speeding alert, the start of day alert, route deviation alert, over-speeding alert, idling alert, and excessive stoppage alert, and by this one can track driver behaviour, vehicle movement, and optimize fuel usage and optimizing the workforce. Depending on your need alerts can also be configured.


The Geo-fencing module enables you to establish geographical boundaries on the map around a landmark. You will get an alert every time the vehicle enters or exits the predetermined boundary increasing security and safety levels for the user.


Logbooks tool displays detailed route history, total distance travelled, idling time, over speeding, stoppages for each vehicle in your fleet, allowing you to measure where your vehicles have been running.

Route Optimization

Route Optimization Tools enable you to plan the best suitable routes for travel and deliveries and helps you improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction.


The Enterprise dashboard provides a comprehensive set of graphical reports on total distance travelled, idling time, over speeding, stoppages, Parking bills, speeding tickets, etc. You can also categorize those reports based on the vehicle and driver. This allows you to eliminate poor driving habits and keep an eye on driver behaviour.

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